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Armormat™-Interlocking Revetment System
Armorblok- Engineered Shape, Numerous Applications
Sta-Pod-Toe of Slope Armor for Severe Conditions
Sta-Pods™ are the most stable concrete system available for control of particularly serious erosion problems encountered on the coast and along high velocity streams and rivers.
The superior performance of these units in numerous installations, covering a miriad of situations, makes Sta-pod the solution you can use with complete confidence.
Sta-Pod Benefits:  
Functional: Sta-Pod's massive form and interlocking design provide a positive long lasting toe for any slope.
The use of Sta-Pods often elimates the need for large excavationsin the streambed, thereby reducing environmental damage and machine time.
Versatle: The large mass and extreme stability of Sta-Pods can prove to be an especially effective barrier to vehicle penetration of restricted areas.

Typical River or Stream Installation

Typical River or Stream Installation
Proven: Sta-Pods have been extensively tested by the US Corp of Engineers, and installations in a variety of devere situations have proven to be an unqualified success.
Durable: Sta-Pod's simple design, and heavy reinforcing rods, help them withstand heavy costal surf and spring floods. Their high strength, air-entrained concrete protects against deterioration assiciated with freeze-thaw cycles and exposure to salt water.
Economical: Sta-Pods often reduce construction costs since they arrive on the job ready for installation and require no special machinery for site preparation or unit placement.

Sta-Pod during installation

Sta-Pod after installation

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