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Highway Products

Turning innovative ideas into finished projects takes a combination of construction industry "know-how", precast concrete expertise and a commitment to state of the art products.

Bridges-Modular Abutments
T-Wall® Retaining Wall System - Modular and MSE Systems

Innovative products such as ASYMMETRICAL HIGHWAY BARRIERS and VARI-WALL mark Amcrete Products commitment to state of the art products, designed to be cost effective and efficient.
Practical, on-time delivery and facilitating the job-site installation
are critical components of Amcrete's service to the construction industry.
Our Early involvement in your project insures that we will be able to monitor the manufacturing process and meet your delivery schedule.

T-WALL Retaining Walls System

T-WALL® retaining Wall System provides cost effective solutions to a number of earth retention problems commonly encountered on highway, industrial and publicworks projects.
The key to the system is simplicity ...simplicity in design, manufacturing and installation.
Quality of construction is assured by the use of precast concrete and the ease of installation
As a T-Wall supplier, Amcrete Products can provide the construction contractor a wide variety of services including:
  • Presentations and meetings
  • Preliminary designs and cost estimates
  • All manufactured components
  • Final design drawings for inclusion in bid packages
  • On-site construction assistance

T-WALL Advantages

  • Wide range of backfill specifications
  • Flexibility -- vertical joints act as slip planes which can accommodate differential movements of the foundation.
  • Durability
  • Geometric flexibility -- vertical walls can more easily accommodate bends and curves.
  • Wide range of architectural finishes
  • Easily accommodate drainage structures
  • Easy installation
  • Non permanent installations
  • Cost competitive
  • Completed T-WALL Installations

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