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Erosion Control and Earth Stabilization

Severe erosion is a major environmental concern for coastal regions, harbor structures and along rivers, lakes and streams.
Amcrete Products, Inc. has the answer with innovative, effective and esthetically pleasing precast concrete.

Beach front erosion inhibited by Armormat™

Armormat™ - Interlocking Revetment System
Armorblok- Engineered Shape, Numerous Applications
Sta-Pod™ - Toe of Slope Armor for Severe Conditions
Interlocking, Modular Concrete Armor System
The Armormat™ solution. Armormat™ is an engineered revetment system of high strength concrete modules. A patented advancement over traditional solutions, Armormat™ is specifically designed for coastal and hydraulic engineering structures that must withstand the erosive effects of water, storm driven waves, turbulent flows, high velocity currents or sheet ice movement.

The precast modules interlock making Armormat™ structurally stable, flexible, permeable and durable.
Modular fabrication, easy installation, and maintenance free performance combine for life cycle economy.
Plus, Armormat's™ clean lines and custom-specified surfaces offer an attractive appearance that stays neat looking by minimizing the buildup of debris.
A wide range of applications. Invented in 1981 and proven in a variety of installations, Armormat™ allows the economical construction of a wide range of structures

1. Coastal revetments
2. Protective dam facings
3. Permanent boat ramps (built under water)
4. Linings for drainage systems
5. Aprons to present scour at culverts and bridges
6. Pre- engineered pavements for industrial or agricultural purposes.

Use Armormat™ for coastal and harbor structures along rivers, lakes or streams. To line channels, culverts and canals. Or to create boats ramps high-strengh pavements and retention or sedimentation basins.
Typical modules measure 3 feet by 4 feet. Module thickness is designed for project requirements and is typically 4 to 8 inches, with greater thickness possible.

Raised geometric baffles can be incorporated in the exposed surfaces to dissipate hydraulic energy and reduce wave run up.

Before 1982
After Armormat™ Installation 1982-1994
Armorbloks™ are un-reinforced concrete interlocking armor units specifically designed for use in the building of coastal protective structures and rivers engineering works. Their structural integrity and high stability factor allow their use for a wide range of civil engineering projects including their use to protect soils from the erosive force of high water velocities.

Armorblok™ was developed after many years of research on the stability and structural analysis of other concrete armor shapes developed throughout the world. This evaluation provide the Armorblock™ design with the following advantages:
1.Ease of manufacturing
2.Structural integrity
3.High porosity
4.Rapid placement
5.Excellent interlocking
6.High specific gravity when required
7.High stability factor
Armorblok™ shape factor is suited for random or patterned placement for control of severe erosion problems caused by heavy wave action or torrential flow conditions.
It provides great economy in areas where armor stone is not readily available or the quality of stone is questionable to assure longevity of the works.
On site production higher stability factor plus a void ratio in excess of 56% assures the designer of real economy as compared to other structures .
Offshore Islands
Emergency Production
Traning Walls

Toe production for Sea Walls
Armorblok™ is designed for specific civil and hydraulic engineering applications. Dike production
Energy Dissipating Structures
Hurricane Barriers

Armorblok™ structures provide speed of erection plus excellent stability for coastal and river engineering works that demand permeability and flexibility to meet varying design criteria.
Armorbloks provide the designer a proven method for repair and construction of breakwaters, jetties and groins.
Armorbloks provide positive protection for marine structures endangered from scour and severe wave action.
Armorbloks are available for emergency projects to safeguard valuable property from severe erosions and buildings failures from coastal storms.
Armorblok™ provides structural integrity and ease of installation for major port project development. A high porosity factor plus excellent stability mean a significant savings in material and labor for completion of your project. Units can be produced locally or cast on site as they require less land area for stockpiling then other precast armor units.
Compare these advantages No seasonal delays, availability, precast uniformity, stability, rugged interlock, ease of installation, longevity, flexibility, permeability, versatility, salvability.


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