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HY-SPAN® -- The Instant Bridge
INVERSET™ Bridge System

Hy-Span offers clear span units ranging from six feet to forty feet in one foot increments coupled with vertical clearances from two feet to ten feet in one inch increments so that a very wide range of opening configurations can be achieved. Lengths also are variable to maintain the weight of individual modular units within workable limits.
Quality Components in-plant quality control assures consistent and accurate production of every Hy-Span structure with the strength and durability inherent in precast concrete. Years of Hy-Span production experience reflect in precast components delivered to the job site ready to interlock in a complete bridge system.
Instant Bridge We use the term "Instant Bridge", which was given by our many customers who appreciate the advantages of the HY-Span system.
With Hy-Span components, bridge construction time can be held to a fraction of the time required with conventional structures. A typical, totally precast installation can be made in less than one day.
HY-SPAN Adaptability
  • Skewed Structures
  • Radial Structures
  • Transitional Structures
  • Multiunit Structures
  • Inverset™ Bridge System

    When your bridge construction project requires shutting down a critical highway, the Inverset Bridge System can help you get traffic moving again fast -- even overnight.
    Inverset modular bridge deck units feature precast, prestressed, composite steel and concrete construction with built in quality features to give you the most durable bridge product with the greatest flexibility and ease of installation available today.
    The Inverset Bridge System is cast upside down in forms suspended from wide flange steel girders.
    The combined weight of the forms and the concrete produces a prestressed effect on the girders.
    When the units are turned over the concrete deck is precompressed -- yielding a deck of high density and nearly complete resistance to cracking.
    Inverset Bridge System Advantages
  • Faster Installation
  • Deck surface texture is cast in
  • Greater durability
  • Design flexibility
  • Cost effective alternative


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